I began working with Elaine during a huge life transition - and it is no exaggeration to say that, not only has she helped me to survive it; she's actually helped to make it the best, most rewarding time of my life.

Words can’t articulate nor do justice for the profound, life-changing and permanent impact that Elaine and her gifts have had on me, and I will be forever grateful for her wisdom, love, empathy and intelligence. Every session I have had with her has led to a deeper understanding of who I am, resulting in the ability to make decisions that are truly aligned with my soul, and live in a way that feels authentic and fulfilling. There is zero doubt in my mind that, if you’re ready to do the work and ‘level up’ in your life, Elaine will help you to do so with love, joy and a deep knowing that you have the most incredible cheerleader in your corner.

Jade Rice - Writer/Creator, UK

My work with Elaine - where do I even begin? Elaine helped me tremendously through a very emotionally challenging time for me. It was my first time ever working with a therapist, and Elaine immediately calmed my nerves and made me feel at ease about the process.

Elaine taught me how to feel my feelings and work through the issues I was having at the time.  I do not know where I would have been if I hadn’t come across Elaine and received her help.  My work with Elaine was the foundation of a self love and self healing journey.  Since then I have gone on to find more emotional freedom, self empowerment, learned how to live life on my own terms, career success, and more.  

I would highly recommend anyone to work with Elaine.  Her intuition, passion and commitment to her clients, and spiritual knowledge will be a great asset to anyone along their journey.

Claire – Model, New York

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One of the best investments I've ever made for myself

Elaine creates and holds the safest and non-judgmental space and tailors her coaching to what is most needed, whether thats to mirror back, guide or challenge. I have never been able to be so open and honest with someone before as I had been with Elaine, and because of this I was able to shift a lots of guilt and shame Id been carrying with me. Elaines guidance allowed me to safely explore things in a way that I havent been able to anywhere else in my life, and we did it in a way that didnt feel overwhelming or scary.

Elaine’s energy is palpable, and I always left our sessions feeling energised and inspired. I feel like the universe brought Elaine into my life at the time I most needed it, and I can genuinely say that without Elaine’s guidance and support I could have slipped back into old habits throughout our time together, but I was able to make some tangible shifts in my life and behaviours. Coaching with Elaine helped me find myself again after feeling lost for along time. We worked on the things that had been holding me back, and I was able to take my personal life and business to the next level, and I feel empowered to reach my potential and not shy away.

This isn’t about money for Elaine, she truly embodies her work like very few people I’ve met. 

Working with Elaine has been a truly life changing experience for me, and I cant recommend working with Elaine enough. Elaine is truly the embodiment of all she teaches, and its been a real privilege to experience coaching and with Elaine.

Nicola - Counsellor & Coach UK
She has altered my mindset for a healthier one forever

I started my journey with Elaine after having been through 9 years of emotional suffering due to a close relatives very ill health, during which time Id never reached out for help. It was then all of a sudden I started to feel very lost and I felt I needed a bit of guidance, and also to finally do something for me. It was by chance I was told about Elaine through a good friend. 

After my first meeting with Elaine I knew she was the one to help, the perfect fit for the support I needed. She has the most wonderful, calming, loving energy and within minutes of being in her company I knew the journey ahead of me would be a great one.  My mentality, my lifestyle, my overall emotional well being is better than ever because of the mindset she has taught me through our sessions. She has encouraged me on all platforms, career, personal life etc. Shes challenged my thinking but in the most positive, encouraging way that has shifted my way of thinking to a whole better direction which has in turn made me make decisions on a daily basis that improve my life. 

Im nearly a year on since our first meeting and I am still actively and consciously using the life skills she had passed on in our sessions, and I know she has altered my mindset for a healthier one forever. My self worth and my self love never really existed until I met her. She has completely changed my life! I am forever grateful for the hard work and dedication she has put in and continues to do so.

Dee - Photographer UK
I'm forever grateful to Elaine

-The recommendation from a friend to reach out to Elaine

-Those tough conversations that I didn’t know I needed to have

-Those hard truths that I needed to have to face to make me a stronger woman

-The realisation that I am worthy of taking up space

-The countless ‘light bulb’ moments during our session

-The tools that Elaine has given that I will carry with me for life

-Elaine and her life changing work that continues to help each and every empowered woman either by directly working with her or because of their mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, nieces, friends or colleagues work with her

-Every penny spent on improving your mental, spiritual, physical self reaps ten fold.

Stacey Dutton - Artist UK
I honestly can’t recommend Elaine and her sessions highly enough, it has truly changed my life

I have had life coaching with Elaine over a 3 month period. I can honestly say its the best investment in myself I have made so far in my life. 

I initially contacted Elaine as I noticed on her Facebook page that one of the things the coaching covered was confidence. Confidence is something I felt I lacked in my business but not in any other aspects of my life. I was eager to grow my business, but didnt have the confidence to sell it to the relevant parties.

I now see I did lack confidence in other areas too, I didnt like to confront situations with friends or colleagues. I saw confrontation as having a negative outcome, whereas now I see confronting things as dealing with a situation and moving on instead of it festering in my head and growing into a bigger deal in the process. 

I have a noticed a pattern I have been allowing to happen for many years with friends.  Certain friends have crossed the line and told me what I should do in a situation. Now because I had low confidence I believed that they knew best. It wasnt always in my best interest.

I have identified areas of improvement with my relationship with my daughter, this has had a profound effect.

Elaine highlighted the benefits of meditation, this has had such a calming effect on my being and such great sleeps.

I had issues with calling people and I can now say, I just pick up the phone which is something I have now mastered. 

I honestly cant recommend Elaine and her sessions highly enough, it has truly changed my life and I am a better version of myself from the start of this experience. 

Elaine has a spiritual and organic nature which really suits me. Elaines mind is bursting with knowledge in coaching/mentoring, counselling, meditation, LOA and the effects that occur when you consistently practice these subjects.

Joanne Traynor

Business Owner UK

Elaine you have changed my life, I will forever be grateful. Thank you so so so much

At the beginning of the year my friend said to me  Would you like me to arrange for you to speak to someone”? She could see how unhappy I was so she arranged for me to see Elaine and this is when my life changed. I was so nervous for my first session but as soon as Elaine opened the door to me, I felt so relaxed and calm. For the first time I felt listened too and understood. 

2 years ago I lost my mum to cancer, she was only 53 she was my best friend.  The whole of my twenties was filled with trauma, my mum gave me support and the best advice.  Im a single mum and I felt so stuck in life, worthless, unloveable and I didnt think I could ever feel happiness again. I can honestly say I hated life. 

My son said to me at the beginning of the year…. mummy how come you dont smile anymore?” And my reply was, because I dont feel like it. It hasnt been an easy journey but its been totally worth it with the help and support from Elaine has totally changed my mindset, I am enjoying life, I feel stronger, I feel like Ive entered a new chapter in my life and I can honestly say that I feel happy.

I smile at myself in the mirror, Im more confident, i meditate every single day and I can proudly say that Im now an ex-smoker too. I could not have done this without Elaine. I mentioned to Elaine that Id love to walk up Moel Famau in Wales and she said well lets do this together and i had a  Walking & Talking session with Elaine, this was amazing talking and reflecting about my journey and how far i have come.

Elaine you have changed my life, I will forever be grateful. Thank you so so so much ❤️

I am loveable, I am worthy, I am enough

Jess Thompson


I’ve never met someone who genuinely cares as deeply and consistently as Elaine. She has brought grace to my life.

Elaine came into my life through a mutual friend. She entered at a time in my life where I was searching for answers about myself and needed a guiding light. Over the course of six months we traversed the full spectrum of being, breaking through intergenerational patterns and awakening my feminine. Elaine has taught me techniques to truly tap into my body and trust what I feel. Her embrace completely engulfs you with the utmost care and attention both in and out of session. 

Her technique is present, adaptable and genuine. I felt her dedicated love and attention no matter the time nor distance between us. Elaine was acutely attune to my energy and always held space for what I needed. 

Elaine has helped bring a clarity to my life and my future – a knowing that everything is progressing as it should and I am the master of my moment. One of the greatest lessons Ive learned from Elaine is – abundance. Being able to operate from an abundant mindset verse one of lack ofor less thanhas completely shifted the universe in my favour. 

I still feel held by her embrace even after our sessions – Ive never met someone who genuinely cares as deeply and consistently as Elaine. She has brought grace to my life.

Donna Jones - Agency owner

New York, USA

I have now taken the next steps in my journey, love my life, have lost 2.5 stone in weight, live with higher energy, am more connected to my soul and my feminine goddess and feel excited about waking up every morning.

I first met Elaine 5 years ago when we both attended a speaking event. Elaine has an energy about her that immediately makes you feel at ease in her presence, little did I know how significant this energy exchange would be in.

I had an anxiety attack in January, that resulted in me deciding to walk away from the company that I worked for. It took a few months for my nervous system to relax, and I decided I was going to focus on me, however by October I realised that I felt stuck, and I needed some support.

Just to provide some context, I have a therapeutic and coaching background, I had spent the last 7 years supporting women within a mental health, addiction and domestic violence setting. I knew I needed to connect with somebody who would take me to depths that I couldn’t take myself and I contacted Elaine.

I had an initial consultation I was thrilled when Elaine said she would love to support me on this journey. We had 12 sessions and in every one Elaine held a loving safe space for me to share the most vulnerable parts of myself, she asked deep meaningful questions to take me to the depths of explorations that was needed.

We explored trauma’s that I had experienced in my life and connected these to the strategies that I had implemented, we worked through how I had become so disconnected from my body and how this had contributed to my weight increase, we also worked through various relationships in my life and who I wanted to be in those relationships.

Elaine has this ability to challenge your thinking in a way that provokes you to be accountable for yourself but not critical of yourself, this was needed when we explored my Mum’s death, the impact that had on my life and my avoidance of the BRCA gene test.

It is hard to put into words the experience of these sessions or the gratitude and appreciation I have for Elaine, she is such a skilful coach, who is present in every moment spiritually, mentally and intuitively and every session is completed with such grace.

The universe delivers the right person at the right time for our growth, and I struck gold the moment Elaine entered my life.

I would highly recommend Elaine and to any woman out there who maybe feels a little lost, disconnected, or uncertain about who you are or your purpose, Elaine can help you too.

Mandie – UK

Everyone needs an Elaine in their Life - In January 2022, my life was the polar opposite of what it is today. In just 12 sessions of working with Elaine I am not afraid to say that my life has been completely, unreservedly, totally, 100% transformed.
As I entered what I initially thought was going to be a turbulent, testing and emotional period in my life, avoiding and postponing a very significant life event, Elaine gave me the courage, wisdom, determination and strength to face this head on. Not only did I survive and live to tell the tale, I am actually the happiest I have ever been and I am so, so, so content in life – something that I never thought was within reach for me.
If you are thinking “Oh this sounds great for her, but it won’t work for me”, TRUST that it WILL work for you. I was that person once, and I have too many memories of thinking those exact same thoughts. Therefore, if I can make this shift then you absolutely can too.
BELIEVE me. Working with Elaine has been incredible and I cannot put into words just how marvellous she is. Every… single… session… (I really want you to emphasise those pauses) I walked away feeling empowered.
I welcomed the knowledge and wisdom Elaine imparted on me and I used the tools in between the sessions to put the magic she gave me into practise.
The service Elaine offers is truly phenomenal, the contact in between the sessions was just something else entirely, I felt so much safer, connected, grounded and supported on my journey knowing Elaine was just a message away if I was having a “wobble”.
The advice and feedback was truly appreciated and it has helped me to create my BEST life. I am happy in my home, work, friendships, family and most importantly, I am happy in MYSELF.
I have learned what I like and what I do not like. I have learned that it is okay to not like everything. I have learned when to say no and to not do anything or say anything that is not aligned with my values. I have learned how and when to set boundaries and have become completely grounded.
I embraced new hobbies including Yoga and Salsa. I have even been abroad solo travelling and believe you me, in January none of this would have been possible, let alone imaginable. This is because of the simple fact that I was my own worst enemy and now I am my own best friend, my very own champion in life.
Elaine’s guidance comes from a place of sincere love and gratitude. Her work has not only impacted my life, however I have witnessed the ripple effect on my family, friends and colleagues.
One of the greatest teachings Elaine shared with me is that you must show up for yourself and meet your own needs first, and the more you liberate yourself, the more you will liberate others around you.
If you are searching (and I’ll assume you are if you are reading this), just do it. Make the call, send the text, enquire with Elaine right this second. Nope, don’t scroll past, don’t “think” about it. The moment will pass and you will not feel this same motivation to act and change your life.
We only get one life. Trust me when I say that Elaine will help you make the rest of your days, truly the BEST days. I am living proof of that.
Jess Bartle – UK
Educator & Coach
My first Breathwork session with Elaine was an experience like no other. It felt like an awakening; a deep connecting to myself I’ve never felt before. Elaine intuitively created and held space for me which allowed me to access such a powerful and divine state. It honestly felt like a rebirth! I feel empowered and look forward to continuing this journey with Elaine’s guidance.
Jhena - Creative Thailand
I had been searching for the right therapist for many years, nobody seemed to hit the spot until I met Elaine. From our first session Elaine was extremely supportive, warm, caring and shown me a true commitment towards my wellbeing that came from the heart. Elaine had the ability to help me understand and make sense of my Innermost feelings helping me dig deep so I could understand and process them fully, not just skimming the surface, this helped me clear the way to create my best life.
Julie Flower - Counsellor, UK
Since beginning my work with Elaine this year, she has been an exemplary professional coach. She exhibits a unique sense of interest in my life and her insights and direction are always on target. I felt very supported and championed in the attainment of my goals. Elaine was a vital resource to me and helped me look within, to practice self love and embrace all my achievements . I feel I've grown so much through her coaching and empowered to deal with some unresolved issues. I've loved working with her and look forward to it continuing.
Angela Sothern
Coach UK
I was coached by Elaine over the last 2 years and I cannot recommend her enough. Elaine’s coaching really helped me to shift from acting out of fear to acting out of love. I am now able to be more grateful, appreciate life more and be more connected with my feminine energy. Elaine’s coaching helped me to establish new and positive changes in my life such as daily journaling, meditation and exercising thanks to her practical tips. I am really grateful for the opportunity to have her coaching me as, over the last two years, I experience a significant improvement in the quality of my life thanks to our coaching sessions. In addition, in the last year, I started an online business and Elaine’s coaching helped me to stay focused and motivated on my goals. It also improved my mindset by recognising and rectifying recurring negative patterns and creating new ones which will serve me better. This helped me to reach my business objectives and to shape a clearer vision for the future from both a business and a personal prospective.
Cecilia Locati
Entrepreneur Italy
I was a little sceptical about Breathwork before I tried it, I’d heard so much about what it’s like but I couldn’t fully appreciate it until I tried it. I was genuinely astounded by the impact Breathwork can have on the body and mind. I didn’t take to it straight away, but I found over the course of a few sessions it became easier to do and I felt my resistance lessen and I was able to move into a much deeper sense of calm. Knowing Elaine was there really allowed me to lean into the journey, and I felt so safe and supported. I can honestly say that since I’ve practiced Breathwork, my anxiety has lessened and I have a deeper sense of confidence in being able to regulate my nervous system. Being someone who has a very active mind and can stay in my head at times, Breathwork has been the most amazing grounding experience that takes me to another place. I couldn’t recommend it enough.
Nicola - Coach & Counsellor, UK
Unforgettable truly life-changing experiences and I cannot thank or recommend highly enough the work Elaine and Isabelle do

I recently attended two of Elaine and Isabelle’s Arise Breathwork events, and being new to working with the breath I had no idea what to expect.

What I did expect was that it would be on another level entirely; having experienced Elaine’s work through her coaching prior, I already know just how profound her knowledge and awareness is so I knew that together, the energy from Elaine and Isabelle would be even greater.

I also know the time, commitment and energy Elaine invested into her Breathwork training so I knew this would be an incredible opportunity to experience one of these events for myself.

The fact I returned a second time, and have plans to go back a third needs no explanation… take it as your sign to book on to the next one, don’t risk the chance of missing out.

Elaine and Isabelle held space for us and each experience was different; the first I released a lot of emotion, and the second I left feeling content and empowered.

From drinking the cacao, to journalling, to sharing (or not sharing, that is completely fine too) with others in the room, they were unforgettable truly life-changing experiences and I cannot thank or recommend highly enough the work Elaine and Isabelle do.  

Jess Bartle, Educator & Coach, UK
Elaine taught me how to love myself and how my whole relationship with myself was a reflection of the friendships and dynamics I felt I was worthy off

 I spent 6 months working with Elaine. I really was all over the place. I wanted to change career direction, my health was not in a great place, my love life was non-existent and my self esteem was in my boots.

Elaine taught me how to love myself and how my whole relationship with myself was a reflection of the friendships and dynamics i felt i was worthy off. With Elainessupport and coaching i’ve put myself first without feeling selfish or living in fear of being rejected. I am able to speak my truth.

I know longer fear being the real me and putting myself first.My attitude towards myself has changed for the better.I forgive myself.

I still have my off days, but with the tools and support Elaine has given me, I can rise above the old habits and behaviours when they try to creep back.

I highly recommend Elaine. Her support and compassion will change your life.

Tessa Garland , Health Care Professional, Cornwall, UK

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